Post #1: Leadership The key to leadership is not to be tyrannical. It is in being inspiring. You might be able to force teams to cooperate by threatening to take away their jobs or some privileges, but it will not help you to gain their loyalty and devotion. The best way you can do that… Continue reading LinkedIn1


Facebook Post #1. Not satisfied with your current career goals? Want to make more money during these challenging times? Don’t know where to start from? If you keep coming up with such questions repeatedly, we have a thrilling opportunity for you! Join Our Free Workshop – Be Your Own Boss – Become A Digitalpreneur! Our… Continue reading facebook1


Servant Leadership A Better Way of Leading Teams   The Dutch Mentor – Telephone: (646) 208-5217 – Website: Servant Leadership: Why It Is A Better Way Of Leading? Today, the dynamics of the ideal workspace have changed drastically. To be relevant and thriving in the ever-evolving business environment, leaders must adapt to the new… Continue reading Whitepaper2

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Exterior Makeover Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home with These Tips It doesn’t really take a massive overhaul to refresh your home’s exteriors. Well-thought-out updates make life easy, offering the best bang for your buck. So, don’t wait until something chips, rots, or breaks. Give your curb appeal an absolute facelift. Plan the makeover… Continue reading Newsletter 3

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Emotional Intelligence Mindfulness, Motivation, and Encouragement to Ultimately Grow Your Business Hey Buddy… Welcome to this newsletter, where I share topics close to my heart, something stimulating, and practical tips for the leaders of today. At the core of it all is Emotional Intelligence (EI) which leaders need now more than ever. But let me… Continue reading Newsletter 2

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