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Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness, Motivation, and Encouragement to Ultimately Grow Your Business

Hey Buddy…

Welcome to this newsletter, where I share topics close to my heart, something stimulating, and practical tips for the leaders of today. At the core of it all is Emotional Intelligence (EI) which leaders need now more than ever.

But let me first begin by asking a few simple questions:

How well can you read the room? How well do you manage your emotions in crises? Are you aware of the blind spots? Do you know how to achieve work-life balance? How to push past your vulnerabilities? And how do you capitalize on your superpowers?

As an emerging leader, if you haven’t thought about these aspects, the time is now. It’s a wake-up call to realize self-awareness and mindfulness. When you are self-aware, you vibrate higher to unleash your fullest potential. If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, no matter how smart you are, you cannot lead your team too far.

EI in leadership isn’t just another passing fad. It’s a practice that sets good leaders apart from the average ones and can also help the leaders of tomorrow. Indeed, a combination of skills defines leadership; EI is fundamental. But because you don’t have specific attributes doesn’t make you inadequate. Leadership is multi-faceted, and each of us brings different intrinsic aspects to the table. Ultimately, the ability to form healthy relationships ensures the business pipeline remains full and smoothly working.

And besides, you can always learn to evoke a range of feelings, manage the emotions of others, practice self-control, develop connections, communicate, motivate, and influence – all the great things that make you a good leader and make your work meaningful.

So work on developing your EI, and people, including employees and clients, come flocking to you. Unquestionably, emotionally intelligent leaders can succeed in all spheres of life.

For more insights on EI for 21st-century leaders, check out my recent blog, where I talk about why individuals with a vision, emotional resilience, and the ability to achieve goals as a team make outstanding leaders.

Thank you for making it through this newsletter!

Stay connected for more updates.

From one human to another,


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