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A Trusted & Qualified Specialist to Serve Your Financial Needs
Gary Speer is an experienced and trusted financial professional helping individuals, families, and businesses build and retain their wealth. With over four decades of experience under his belt, Gary is conversant with the ever- evolving financial market trends, tools, and technologies. His strong business acumen allows him to identify complex issues, take action, and drive unrivaled results. He is undoubtedly among the best financial professionals in Greater Houston, Texas.


About Gary

Not every financial professional can seamlessly shift gears and navigate the chaos with interdisciplinary strategies. But this is a primary part of Gary’s offering. With his uncanny experience in financial services, he views every situation with his wide lens to narrow the circumstances, connect the dots, and strive to provide unparalleled, personalized, and results-oriented counsel.

Speer has assisted many individuals and businesses build their net worth while preventing unnecessary financial risks. Unlike those who meet with you once and “check on your file” every few months, Gary’s commitment is to exceed every client’s expectations at all times. He introduces his strategies to aid in accumulating wealth from the current stage through retirement while helping reduce uncertainties. It won’t take long to recognize his passion for his clients’ personal and financial success.

Multi-Faceted Financial Guidance From A Pro
During a career that spans more than four decades, Gary has gained immense knowledge to provide multi-faceted financial guidance. His specialties include:
Optimizing Retirement Assets: Do not leave your retirement income to luck. Develop an effective strategy to grow and protect your earnings. Often, this can be established without additional outflow from your budget or risk to your assets. Gary can strategically help build your retirement nest egg with time-tested yet innovative approaches to help maximize retirement income.

Select Key Person Retention Planning: For sustained business growth, retaining key employees is a vital decision to make. Gary can help you draft an incentivized plan that rewards key employees for staying committed to the business.

Pretax Qualified Retirement Planning1: Another aspect Gary can help you with is pretax qualified retirement planning. Gary can capably establish a Tax Favored Saving Plan that can grow and accumulate wealth by minimizing the burden of taxes. It is one of the best ways to help maximize retirement income.

Select Supplemental Retirement Plan: Oftentimes, specific plans restrict what you can save for your retirement. Gary knows the ins and outs of the industry to find ways and help you put additional funds into a tax-favored asset.

Income Replacement Planning: Income interruption can have long-term implications, especially due to a disability. It can dramatically impact your current as well as retirement lifestyle. So, Gary can devise ways to help reduce this threat with adequate cash flow planning and preserving assets intended to compound wealth for a stable financial retirement lifestyle.

Preservation of Retirement Nest Egg: Gary also encourages and educates clients on understanding the repercussions of self-funding uncovered medical expenses during the retirement stage. Thus, he introduces tax-efficient strategies that help reduce this threat from your balance sheets.

Business Exit Strategy Planning: When it comes to selling or exiting a business you’ve spent your life building, you need to consider all aspects and strategies to ease the transition and optimize the sale of your best asset. Gary can help you with just that so you can make informed decisions.

Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life: At retirement, one of the primary concerns is outliving your finances resulting from uncertain market consequences, low rate of returns, or extended life expectancy. Gary will work with you to establish strategies that help reduce this risk.

Build Wealth with Innovation
Building wealth can be extra hard as understanding the new-age financial systems can be complicated. One way Gary can help you build and manage your finances is with The Living Balance Sheet®. With this innovative tool, you can track and build your net worth and effectively account for the financial perils that many clients and financial professionals often overlook. It can be an incredible tool for organizing and displaying a clear picture of your financial

1 Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents, and employees do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Consult your tax, legal, or accounting professional concerning your individual situation.

standing. With Gary’s assistance and The Living Balance Sheet®, you can now grow your wealth for the future with confidence and clarity.

Disclosure: The Living Balance Sheet (LBS) and the LBS logo are service marks of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. © Copyright 2005-2022 Guardian

Why Choose Gary?
Aspiring clients rarely face problems finding a financial professional. But it’s tricky to find someone you feel comfortable working with. If you are ready to hire an experienced professional, Gary is the right choice. Why?

Experience: With over 40 years of experience in the financial field, Gary is well versed in the associated aspects and can provide personalized financial guidance.

Extraordinary Know-How: Gary has a wealth of knowledge and can help you grow your wealth and build your net worth.

Technical Abilities: Gary utilizes sophisticated, relevant, cutting-edge technologies to help build and protect your wealth for the future.
Reputation: Being an MDRT qualifier and a Leaders Club member in the past, Gary has established himself as an industry leader. When you choose Gary to navigate your financial circumstances, you know your wealth is in the hands of an experienced professional.

Customer Service: Gary has a roster of both low- and high-end clients, serving each one with dedication and satisfaction.

Personal Life
Gary lives in Houston with his wife and three sons. He is a devoted family man and active in the community. In his leisure time, Gary enjoys boating, golfing, a competitive game of racquetball, and fishing. Outside his office, Gary is an avid photographer and loves to capture memories as he travels around the world with his wife.

Gary can be reached at 713-301-5271 and invites connections at Get in touch with him to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation today.

Are You Ready To Take A Stand For Your Financial Future?

Gary Speer is a financial professional in Houston, TX. From millennial investors to the guys in power and veterans, Speer has helped thousands of individuals and institutions level up their financial journey. He helps redefine what it means to achieve and live the America Dream.
Gary counsels all his clients in an empowering and purposeful manner to help build investment strategies for their goals. He prioritizes quality of service over quantity of clients. Rather than playing the game, Speer chooses integrity which often lacks in the financial services landscape. Schedule a call with Gary Speer from Wealth Design Group today to explore your financial prospects.

Disclosure: This material is intended for general use. By providing this content, Park Avenue Securities LLC and your financial representative are not undertaking to provide investment advice, make a recommendation for a specific individual or situation, or otherwise act in a fiduciary capacity.

Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS). Securities products are offered through PAS, member FINRA, and SIPC. Financial Representative of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America” (Guardian), New York, NY. PAS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian. Rethink Wealth LLC is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS or Guardian. CA Insurance License Number – 0A90691. 2022-143901 (Exp. 9/2024).

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