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Ashley Pham

MSN, FNP-C, CEO & Certified Advanced Lip Injector, beEMe Med Spa
Ashley Pham is a certified nurse practitioner who believes in helping hardworking women feel good in their skin while addressing concerns to boost their confidence.

“Even if someone’s relatively content with their appearance, cosmetic enhancements can improve self-esteem and self-worth,” expresses Ashley.

She’s passionate about her profession and enjoys educating her clients to make informed decisions about their treatment plans. Ashley Pham at beEMe Med Spa is undoubtedly one of the best aesthetic injectors in Houston, Texas.

About Ashley
Ashley Pham is a board-certified nurse practitioner specializing in offering advanced lip filler injections in Houston, TX. She is professionally trained in the United Kingdom for safely administering the Russian lip technique for lip augmentation.

She’s an initiator and a risk-taker which shows in her practice. After years of hard work and rigorous training, Ashley decided to take her expertise to another level. In the middle of a global pandemic, Pham opened up her medical spa to empower women to look and feel their best. In 2020, beEMe Med Spa was inaugurated.

Ashley has an eye for natural rejuvenation with her treatments. She keeps reading up on new developments, particularly with injectables. She admits, “I’m always hungry for knowledge, whether it’s about the latest procedures in the industry or patients’ concerns.”

When asked why she’s into what she’s doing, Ashley mentions, “I’ve always had an artistic eye, and eventually developed a passion in the art of aesthetics. I love watching that big smile and sparkling eyes when I’m able to enhance someone’s features. It’s like a dream achievement for me. And it’s not about creating that Cupid’s bow or balancing uneven lips; it’s about empowering women by improving their looks.”

About beEMe Med Spa
beEMe Med Spa isn’t just another medical spa in Houston. The practice has a special message for those who come in.

beEMe means “be me or be myself.” The “EM” in beEMe is Vietnamese for “younger sister.” Therefore, beEMe is “be ME or be EM.” It is an encouragement for husting women to be their youthful selves.

If a little cosmetic alignment can help boost that confidence in your beauty, Ashley Pham, Founder and CEO at beEMe Med Spa, is right there to help.

Pham has built an all-encompassing practice offering Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, Xeomin, Vitamin B12 shots, filler dissolving services, filler maintenance, dermal fillers, Kybella, Brazilian butt lift, PRF, skincare treatments, and muscle-building procedures. Clients can choose a single procedure or pick add-ons; they can be assured an unmatched experience with every session.

Why Choose Ashley?
Ashley is deeply devoted to her craft and profession and makes sure her clients are familiar with what they’re getting themselves into. At beEMe Med Spa, Pham and her team always encourage questions, so every client can expect to be treated with respect, care, and precision.

Pham wishes to create a safe place for women to step in and experience that look-good-feel- good emotion. She adds, “If you look into the mirror, and the outcome of your cosmetic treatment exudes self-confidence and that ear-to-ear grin, I know my part is done, and I’ve performed a satisfactory job.”

For Ashley, how the client feels after the appointment is just as important as how they finally look. Therefore, she works closely with her clients to know them better. She doesn’t mind investing a reasonable amount of time in understanding what motivates her clients to step into her practice. It gives her clarity on the client’s goals, expectations, and budget. Once she understands the client’s concerns and aspirations, she creates a customized plan for safe, comfortable, and natural-looking results. Her goal is to help clients enhance their natural looks and become the best version of themselves.

Become the Queen Bee Personality
Many believe a queen bee woman is a bully, self-centered, and hostile. But look at the brighter side of a real queen bee. She is super smart, teaches other bees the Whats and Hows of the environment, and has so much to accomplish in the hive.

At beEMe Med Spa, we wish for hard-working women to become the greater queen bee personality, one who is self-confident and impactful. Just like a queen bee hustling for the hive, we want to encourage and empower women who are zealous and driven to achieve their dreams, believe in themselves, and feel confident.

Reclaim your superpower today. Unleash your beauty inside out with beEMe Med Spa.

Schedule a FREE initial consultation with Ashley right away. Call 281-888-6104 or click here.

Personal Life
Outside of her profession, Ashley enjoys her “me” time to the core. She’s also the outdoorsy type, loves going on walks, spending time with friends and family, enjoys good food, and admires the beauty around her. Pham hails from Vietnam, has a strong belief system, and values honesty, community, and compassion. Pham loves to read and keeps growing her knowledge bank. She makes it a point to invest in herself with self-care or ongoing learning. This ensures that she’s conversant with the ever-evolving industry needs and keeps her practice growing, which ultimately helps her get closer to her dream of helping women witness positive life changes.

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